AI - Machine Learning and Large Language Models

Prediction, Categorization, Chatbots, Generative AI

Engineering for intelligent systems

A successful AI/ML project mandates the convergence of big data, cloud computing, software development talent that works in conjunction with data science domain expertise.

We provide technical experience and expertise in building the infrastructure for data acquisition and preparation for ML training, creating a scalable data pipeline, data security concerns, scalable and extensible infrastructure, designing application facing, and back-office facing APIs and services.

Whether it is a new intelligent system that you are building or retrofitting your existing system with AI, we can assist you along the way.

The fundamentals of machine learning are data.  We provided data collection and labelling service from variety of sources, storage selection, data pipe streaming, stale data tracking, data transforming, data normalization and data visualization.

We run and manage concurrent training of models to expediate the discovery of the most optimum and suitable hyperparameter.

Seamless integration of the trained model to the pipeline of existing service enable intelligence into your system.

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Data acquisition and big data processing

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