Our Services

Here are the bundles of services that we provide. 
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Full Stack Microservices

Embark on your journey with new applications and services, assured of a well-defined and pristine architecture complemented by a robust implementation. Countless satisfied customers have already reaped the rewards of our extensive experience and expertise.

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Modernization and Optimization

Upgrade your existing software and services developed in the past with the latest stack and architecture. Incorporate a scaling architecture for new loads, or enhancement with ML and NLP for an intelligent boost.

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Data acquisition and big data processing

Data acquisition from variety of sources, ETL, pipelining, data security handling, data storage and query optimization.

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IoT implementation

Comprehensive implementation of end to end IoT solutions with a clear architectural roadmap and plan for success

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AI - Machine Learning and LLM implementation

Data collection and normalization, model training and model deployment...

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DevOps and MLOps infrastructure setup

If you do not have one yet, we are here to help...

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