IoT Implementation

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Requirement for IoT delivery

IoT solutions require a broad range of technical expertise that covers device interfacing, management system for devices, layer stacks that maps device control to high level application context.

Architecting a solution that allows for clear compartmentalization and integration of various concerns that supports maintainability, extensibility and stability.

IoT Distributed System Architecture

The inherent requirement of an IoT solution is the correct design and implementation of a distributed system that is specific for the IoT case. That means addressing the concerns such as:

  • Unreliable network connectivity
  • Data surge
  • State Monitoring
  • Fault alerting
  • Malfunction remediation procedures
  • Operational resilience during component swapping

Standard IoT Service

  • Device driver development – Linux device drivers, Windows device drivers
  • Device serial communication
  • Device network communications
  • Device management system – Onboarding, Controllers, Monitoring, Fault Handling, Data reading
  • Orchestration layer – harmonizing device control, ETL, reporting
  • Integration with other sub-systems

Other services


Data acquisition and big data processing

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