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Silicon Valley multinational technology company public cloud initiative


Top researchers at a major tech company authored a whitepaper outlining a new kernel module designed to support a scalable multi-tenant network architecture for virtualized data centers. The plan was to integrate this technology into OpenStack in time for a major technology conference and present it to the CEO. If the proof of concept proved successful, it would be transitioned to production as an official company service.

To achieve this, the OpenStack cluster had to be set up, code comprehended, and modifications made, extending it to incorporate the company’s network virtualization packet encapsulation technology.


OpenStack was recently released to the public as open-source code by NASA. The company’s network R&D team, comprised of network protocol and system-level experts, is actively seeking a skilled software developer to assist in the implementation, setup of OpenStack, and integration into their system.


Our team embarked on a comprehensive exploration and reverse engineering of OpenStack. The goal was to gain a deep understanding of its intricate architecture and functionalities. Armed with this knowledge, our experts proceeded to set up OpenStack clusters dedicated to development and rigorous testing.

The meticulous setup involved configuring and fine-tuning the various components of OpenStack to ensure optimal performance and seamless functionality. Our team demonstrated its technical capability in navigating the complexities of OpenStack, orchestrating a tailored environment conducive to software development and robust testing scenarios.

An integral aspect of this service activity was the integration of a groundbreaking multi-network virtualization module into OpenStack’s suite of services. Leveraging the expertise of our network protocol and system-level specialists, we seamlessly incorporated this innovative module, enhancing OpenStack’s capabilities and paving the way for a more scalable and efficient virtualized data center architecture.

The execution of this service activity reflects our commitment to staying at the forefront of technology, pushing boundaries, and delivering tailored solutions that empower businesses with cutting-edge cloud computing capabilities. From reverse engineering to setup and integration, our team demonstrated a holistic approach to OpenStack, ensuring its alignment with the specific needs and objectives of our clients.


The impact of our engineering efforts reverberated across three distinct divisions within the multinational company, each benefiting significantly from the innovative solutions we implemented. Our tailored engineering work addressed the unique needs of each division, showcasing the versatility and adaptability of the solutions provided.

Following the successful development and integration of the solution with OpenStack, a pivotal moment arrived as our team presented the results to the company’s CEO. The successful demonstration laid the foundation for the subsequent phases of our collaboration.

Buoyed by the success of the solution’s integration with OpenStack, the decision was made to transition it to production. This marked a major milestone, as the solution evolved from a conceptual idea to an official company service. The announcement of this achievement was met with anticipation and enthusiasm from both within the company and the broader public.

In the spirit of collaboration and commitment to the open-source community, our team actively contributed numerous enhancements and bug fixes to the OpenStack project, benefitting the wider OpenStack community.

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